Nursing Reports
If you are an inpatient at any of the six Brightshores Health System hospitals, the nurses taking care of you will be giving Nursing Reports to each other at your bedside. We do this so that all information about your care is given in front of you and/or your family in your room.

Who will give the report?
The nurse going home will give a Nursing Report to the nurse taking over your care. You may also be part of the Report and can ask questions and give information to the nurses. You are encouraged to speak to your nurse throughout the day if you have any questions or concerns – you don’t have to wait until the Report takes place.

What happens during the report?
Every time the nurses give a report you can expect the following:

  • Two nurses will come to your bedside
  • They will introduce the nurse who is about to take over your care
  • The nurse will write her or his name on the whiteboard in your room
  • The nurses will ask you if it is okay to give the Report at your bedside
  • The nurses will ask if it is okay with you for family/friends to be present
  • The nurses will begin the Report
  • The incoming nurse will make sure you are okay before she or he leaves the room for the next patient Report

Why will it happen at my bedside?
You and your family are important partners in the health care team. We want you to hear all the information being passed along so that you are informed, and you have the opportunity to participate by asking questions or providing further information.

What about my privacy?
We believe in patient-centred care. If you are not comfortable with the Nursing Report taking place at your bedside or only want certain information to be shared in the presence of others, we respect your choice.

If you have further questions about privacy, please contact our Privacy Office at 519-378-1440 or