Critical Care Unit

This unit provides excellent care to our most acute seriously ill in-patients. Specially trained nurses, respiratory therapists, as well as other highly trained professionals, along with our medical specialists, surgeons and anesthesiologists provide care to our critically ill patients.

We Welcome You

Family presence and support during the intensive care phase of a loved one’s illness is very important. We welcome your presence and invite you to take an active role during this time.

Daily Rounds

The daily patient rounds occur daily at 8:45 a.m.. During this time, all Clinicians (nurses, pharmacist, Intensivist, dietitian, social worker, physiotherapist, respiratory therapist) get together to review each patient individually at the bedside, and make decisions about care and treatment.

We welcome family members (1-2 only) to be present during the daily rounds. You, and other people close to the patient, can be important sources of information for the team that is looking after your loved one. After all, you know the patient best!

Please note: There are times when you may be asked to step outside the unit.