Watch: Why Train at Brightshores Health System

Watch:  Why Train at Brightshores Health System

Brightshores Health System (Brightshores) organizes medical electives and rotations for medical students and residents. The Medical Affairs Coordinator works with both Rural Ontario Medicine Program (ROMP) and Ontario medical schools to provide medical students and residents educational experiences as part of the medical programs from various universities.

For any Medical Student and Resident inquiries please contact Arynn Knowles, Medical Affairs Coordinator:


Phone: 519-376-2121 ext.2269

The Annex:
The Annex is a residence leased by the hospital for Medical Students and Residents. It is a newly renovated duplex with availability for 6 learners located less than 5 minutes from the hospital and across the street from the local YMCA.

Working closely with ROMP and universities to book lodging for students prior to coming to Brightshores, a rental fee is charged per week for lodging based on financial support of students coming through these programs.

Immunization Records:
All Medical Students and Residents must submit their most up to date immunization records to the Department of Occupational Health & Safety for review and approval prior to any patient interaction.

Photo ID:
Please bring your medical school or residency program photo ID to wear at all times when in the hospital.

Medical Residents will be provided with a pager on their first day. Medical students may be provided with a pager upon special request from their Physician Preceptor.

Documents for Review:
Contingency Plans

On Call Rooms:
Please contact the Office of Medical Affairs directly regarding the availability of Medical Student and Resident Call rooms.

International Medical students

Rotation Setup Information for International Medical Learners
ROMP can assist with rotations for international learners. An international medical learner who wishes to set up a clinical rotation in Ontario must do the following prior to submitting an application to ROMP

Find and confirm a preceptor.
Register the rotation with ROMP.

The ROMP office cannot help International Medical Students find a preceptor. Searching the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario can be helpful to find a physician in a specific community. It is the responsibility of the International Medical student to contact and confirm their own preceptor.