Medical Imaging

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The Medical Imaging department joins together several diverse specialties which produce images in distinct ways using very different methods. Specialties include General Radiography, Gastrics, Angiography, Bone Mineral Densitometry, Computed Tomography, Mammography/Ontario Breast Screening Program, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

We have highly specialized equipment and staff trained and licensed to practice in each subspecialty in order to ensure that your physician is able to provide a clear and accurate diagnosis.

If there is a chance that you may be pregnant and/or you are breastfeeding, please inform the technologist and your physician prior to your specific test.

Below you will find a brief description of a few of the many tests we perform. Please see your physician for specific instructions pertaining to your individual exam and to answer questions regarding your results.

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Film Library
If you require a copy of your image results our Diagnostic Imaging Film Library would be happy to assist you.  Please call 519-372-3927.

Patient Preparation for Imaging Tests

Requisitions & Checklists

*Please Note: Requisitions, checklists and how-to videos are for physician office use only and can be accessed here.


Please click here to access the SW LHIN Medical Imaging Integrated Care training videos.


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