Rehabilitation and Restorative Care

This unit offers two different types of care. Rehab services specializes in the vigorous rehabilitation of people who have suffered from a disabling physical illness or injury. We help people who have impairment from events such as a spinal cord injury, stroke, amputation, etc. to maximize their independence.

Our Restorative Care service also helps patients regain their independence. Most patients in this program are admitted after they have been treated for a sudden illness and who need to re-build their strength in order to return home. The patients receiving Restorative Care are usually not strong enough for Rehab. Patients who enter this program are sometimes considering applying for placement in a long-term care facility, but once they complete the Restorative Care program, they are able to return home rather than moving to long-term care.

Paediatric Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy services are available to help children reach their maximum potential.  Therapy may happen while the child is in the hospital and may continue on an outpatient basis, for newborn babies to school entry age children.

To learn more, please see the patient handout.