Brightshores Health System is proud to announce the introduction of the Minimally Invasive ThuLEP Prostate Surgery, making it the second hospital in Ontario to offer this advanced treatment option. This procedure, which stands for transurethral anatomical enucleation of the prostate (ThuLEP), addresses enlarged prostates, medically known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a condition that affects a significant portion of men during their lifetime.

Historically, patients with very large prostates requiring treatment would have invasive surgery to remove the obstructing tissue (open prostatectomy) involving an increased risk of bleeding, several days in the hospital and several days to a few weeks with a urethral catheter.  In contrast, ThuLEP offers a minimally invasive approach to treating even the largest prostates.

“We are proud to be offering ThuLEP at Brightshores. This is cutting-edge care and to be able to provide it on a regional level will have a positive impact on access to men’s health care in Ontario,” said Dr. Geoff Wignall, Brightshores Urologist. “This will result in shorter hospital stays, better recovery times and superior outcomes for our patients.”

Dr. Wignall standing with surgical supplies.

Unlike traditional open surgeries, which were often the only option for men with larger prostates, ThuLEP is a minimally invasive approach suitable for a wide range of prostate sizes. During the procedure, urologists utilize a laser to remove excess prostate tissue, which is then extracted using a specialized tool called the Piranha Morcellator. This innovative technique allows for precise tissue removal with minimal disruption to surrounding structures.

Dr. Wignall underwent extensive training to bring ThuLEP to Brightshores Health System, including mentorship from Dr. Naeem Bhojani, a renowned urologist from the Centre Hospitalier de L’Universite de Montreal (CHUM). Dr. Bhojani praised Dr. Wignall’s dedication and highlighted the significance of expanding access to this advanced treatment option in the Grey Bruce and regional area.

Since its introduction, Brightshores Health System has successfully performed over 20 ThuLEP procedures, with positive outcomes reported by patients like Dr. Ralph Reese. Dr. Reese, a former colleague of Dr. Wignall’s, underwent open surgery for BPH before opting for ThuLEP.

“This procedure has been life-changing for me,” shared Dr. Reese. “The combination of minimally invasive techniques and advanced technology like the Piranha Morcellator has resulted in a faster recovery and improved overall outcome.”

Symptoms of BPH may include a weak urinary stream, urinating more frequently at night, urinary urgency and a feeling of incomplete bladder emptying.  Severe cases can result in relying upon a urinary catheter, formation of bladder stones, blood in the urine, or kidney failure. Benefits for patients who have this procedure done include a low rate of recurrence, shorter hospital stays, absence of incisions, and it is even suitable for patients on blood-thinning medications.

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