A Letter from Karen Potvin

On August 29th I was happily camping in Tobermory, but sadly I fell and fractured both wrists and found myself transported to Lion’s Head Hospital by ambulance. Let me just say that the care I received at Lion’s Head Hospital, from each and every staff member that day was the best I have ever experienced. Dr. Blau was the attending physician who had a wonderful bedside manner; she was thorough and caring and took the time to call me weeks later to see how I was doing with my recovery. Wow, that was very thoughtful and professional! Thank you Dr. Blau, there should be more doctors like you! The nurses were cheerful and sympathetic and the the young girl who took my ex-rays was very gentle. Another physician (can’t remember his name; had a lot of morphine in me) who just finished his day at the clinic next door assisted Dr. Blau with reseting my right wrist which was dislocated; he was very efficient, and had a great sense of humour. The orthopaedic surgeon in Burlington commented on how well my bones were reset.

By the time all was said and done, it was very late and my friend who came along in the ambulance and I were ready to leave the hospital. However, we had no vehicle, and I really did not want to go back to the campsite with two splinted broken wrists, but we had no idea of where we could stay for the night in town. The helpful staff assisted us in finding a place to stay, and found us a bed and breakfast room in town, and assured our safe arrival. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED TO ME THAT EVENING!

My casts are off and I’m partaking in some intensive physiotherapy. I go back to work November 15. I tell people about the awesome staff at Lions Head all the time!

Karen Potvin