A Letter from Vanessa


I just wanted to share that over the past several years, my family and I have had exceptional care at the Owen Sound location. This includes the OB clinic, the birth of 2 babies (including surgery), NICU, day surgery and paediatrics.

Today was no exception. We took our 2 year old son for an appointment for an Echocardiogram and I just wanted to say that the technician, her name was Cathy, was absolutely fantastic. She immediately introduced herself not only to my husband and I, but to our son as well. She was very kind and comforting to him. I could tell immediately that she likes and enjoys working with children; which is a huge relief as a parent because having someone who doesn’t enjoy kids makes it very difficult when you are trying to settle your squirmy toddler. Cathy also has a TV and VCR set up in her room and had Thomas the Train playing before we even went into the room.

Bravo to the Owen Sound hospital for all of your fine services and employees. I feel confident in the care my family receives.

Vanessa Guse