A visit to hospital is often associated with a very emotional time in people’s lives. Whether you are a parent bringing a child to the Emergency department, or a family member dealing with end of life care for aging relatives, it can be a difficult, and often very personal journey. There are many positive and celebratory hospital experiences as well – a new baby (or two!); a test that that gives you the ‘all clear.’

We are often looking for patient stories to help us in our efforts to promote Brightshores Health System (Brightshores). We use these stories in many different ways. We may use true patient stories when visiting recruitment fairs to explain our work to prospective employees. We also use patient stories to help our funders and donors understand the impact our services have on the lives of our local residents. If you are interested in sharing your Brightshores hospital stories with us, and with the public, we’d like to hear from you.

Email your story or video to web@gbhs.on.ca, or mail us a letter to:

Chief, Communications and Public Affairs
Brightshores Owen Sound Hospital
1800 8th Street East
Owen Sound, ON N4K 6M9
Phone: (519) 376-2121

Please indicate that you are willing to have your story made public, and provide contact information so we can follow-up with any questions. Please note that we do not publish names unless you give us permission, but we may use your story.