We are thrilled to announce that Grey Bruce Health Services has changed its name to Brightshores Health System.

“The transition to Brightshores Health System comes at a pivotal time for our organization,” said Brightshores Health System President & CEO Gary Sims. “We are growing rapidly with the expansion of new services, new facilities and new initiatives. We have outgrown the GBHS name and are excited to launch into Brightshores, signifying one vision. A better, brighter future.”

All Brightshores facilities and services will immediately begin adopting the new brand. This process will take time to fully complete. The transition will not affect any healthcare services at Brightshores.

“Our journey to Brightshores Health System has been bolstered by strong leadership and partnerships,” said Brightshores Health System Board Chair, Jo Flewwelling. “Our vision will enable us to bring leading-edge treatments, innovative technologies, and a broader spectrum of services to your doorstep, creating a more comprehensive healthcare system under the Brightshores name.”

The Brightshores Health System rebrand is just the start of an exciting fall season for the organization. The new Markdale Hospital opens soon, a highly anticipated facility decades in the making. The Mental Health & Addictions Wellness & Recovery Centre is nearing readiness, built on a framework unique to Canada that will help individuals across the Grey Bruce Region. The Office of Research and Innovation has launched with a focus on rural healthcare innovation. We are excited to introduce the Brightshores name and will keep our communities informed and engaged as we continue to provide exceptional healthcare in our communities.


Media contact: Madeline Lougheed, Communications Specialist, Brightshores Health System, 519-376-2121 ext. 2805, mlougheed@gbhs.on.ca www.gbhs.on.ca