Grey Bruce Health Services is pleased to be moving forward with approximately $5.5 million worth of projects at hospitals across the Corporation. Several of these projects are being funded by generous donations to the GBHS hospital Foundations, while others are being funded through the annual Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund from the Ministry of Health.

These new projects are:
• HVAC system upgrades at the Southampton Hospital
• purchase, renovation and installation of new laundry equipment to serve all six hospitals
• a new parking lot in Owen Sound for 190 cars
• renovation to the Emergency Department in Wiarton
• expansion of cataract services to the Meaford Hospital
• a new non-urgent patient transportation fleet, owned and operated by GBHS

“Our staff have been focused on our COVID-19 response for almost two years,” said Gary Sims, GBHS President and CEO. “It is very encouraging to now have the time, and resources, to launch a number of infrastructure projects that will benefit our patients, staff and our communities. These projects are in addition to the new hospital we are in the midst of building in Markdale.”

HVAC, GBHS Southampton Hospital:
Construction began earlier this month to update the HVAC system at the GBHS Southampton Hospital. This is a five-month project, and once completed, will improve air exchange, heating and cooling for the hospital. The HVAC upgrades will also support the plan to bring a CT scanner to Southampton.

Laundry Equipment, GBHS Owen Sound:
GBHS processes up to 3,800 kilos of laundry per day for the six GBHS hospitals, plus the Meaford military base and Grey and Bruce EMS. The laundry equipment had not been upgraded in 40 years, and new technology will allow for faster washing and drying times. The renovations to accommodate six washers and six dryers has been completed, and the equipment is currently being installed.

Parking Lot Expansion, GBHS Owen Sound
An expansion to the parking lot at the Owen Sound Hospital began this week and will add another 190 parking spaces for hospital patients and visitors. A storm water management pond will be added to control runoff. This project will be completed in December, weather permitting.

ED Renovation, GBHS Wiarton Hospital:
A tender for minor renovations to the Wiarton Hospital Emergency Department will be issued shortly to improve the patient flow in the ED, and increase privacy for patients, families, staff and physicians. The Wiarton ED sees about 15,000 patient visits a year.

Cataract Services Expanding, GBHS Meaford Hospital:
The surgical suite at the Meaford Hospital will undergo some minor renovations in December, and with the purchase of a new state-of-the-art microscope, cataract procedures will be offered in Meaford in 2022. Currently cataract procedures are only offered at the Owen Sound Hospital and this expansion will reduce wait times for patients across the region.

Non-Urgent Patient Transportation Fleet, all GBHS Hospitals:
GBHS now owns and operates three non-urgent patient transport vehicles to provide timely, safe and cost-effective transfers between our hospitals, and to pick up and re-patriate patients moving between GBHS and other Grey Bruce hospitals. EMS is still used for all urgent situations. The service started this summer to reduce transfer wait times for patients and allow for more timely discharges at all sites. The vehicles are former EMS ambulances.

Media Contact:

Madeline Lougheed, Communications Coordinator, Grey Bruce Health Services
519-371-2121 x2805
F/T/I: @GreyBruceHealth