Exciting things are happening on the site of our future Markdale hospital! The project contractor, Bird Construction, has been doing excavation work, and fencing has been installed to create a buffer between the construction site and the neighbouring properties – check out the photos below. Sanitary sewers are being installed, and the contractor will begin erecting the foundation for the new hospital by the end of the month. We expect that the foundation will be finished by early Fall this year. We anticipate that the new hospital will open in two years, and in the meantime, services continue at our current Markdale Hospital. Please watch for project updates and photos here in What’s Happening, and at www.gbhs.on.ca. Thank you for your support in maintaining access to quality healthcare for decades to come. If you have questions, please email: MarkdaleQuestions@gbhs.on.ca.

Construction Updates - April 26,2021