Brightshores is set to revolutionize Stroke Care for patients in Grey and Bruce counties with the introduction of Rapid Automated CT Perfusion Software. Identified as a critical need by Ontario Health-CorHealth Ontario’s Hyper-Acute Stroke Care Steering Committee, this cutting-edge technology aims to enhance diagnostic efficiency and decision-making.

In alignment with the provincial initiative, nearly 50% of Ontario stroke sites are already utilizing RAPID AI, with widespread acknowledgment of its benefits. The adoption of this automated imaging platform fosters collaboration among stroke regions, contributing to improved stroke care across the province.

“The Medical Imaging Department is excited to incorporate RAPID AI software into our clinical workflows. This AI technology will assist our physicians in clinical diagnosis and patient selection for acute stroke therapy through CT perfusion mapping, improving clinical outcomes.” – Kathy Beattie, Director of Medical Imaging and Cardiology.

The hospital in Owen Sound attends to approximately 330 stroke patients per year. The installation of Rapid CT Perfusion software on the CT scanner in Owen Sound is a positive step forward.

Kellie McDade, Interim Manager of District Stroke Services, adds “As the designated District Stroke Centre for this area, Brightshores is excited to announce the recent installation of the Rapid CT Perfusion software on our CT scanner in Owen Sound.  The addition of this software will have a significant impact on the acute and hyperacute care phases of the stroke pathway.” 

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