Group of Brightshores Mental Health and Addictions staff and Waypoint Executives

Brightshores Health System (Brightshores) recently hosted the executive team from Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care (Waypoint).

The Waypoint executive team toured the Wellness & Recovery Centre– Mental Health and Addictions in Owen Sound. The Wellness & Recovery Centre is a purpose-built centre that is based on harm reduction and recovery principles. This facility will implement a holistic model of care that focuses on all stages of recovery.

Bringing together mental health and addictions treatment, skill-building, and supportive living units into one building promotes an intersectional, concurrent framework of service to meet clients where they are in terms of recovery and quality of life goals. The holistic nature of our services provided under the same roof recognizes the multifaceted nature of clients’ recovery needs, breaks down barriers to access, and allows for fluidity of treatment provision.

“Being able to share details of our team’s journey in terms of program development and this facility’s layout with other healthcare organizations is a pleasure. We have designed this model of care with our clients at the forefront and to expand that method to other facilities would be a great achievement.” said Naomi Vodden, Director of Mental Health and Addiction Services at Brightshores.

Brightshores’ leaders toured the Waypoint team through the facility as though they were patients. The Waypoint team was able to experience the patient flow as an incoming client would. This was an opportunity for Brightshores to share the rationale behind our model of care with other mental health and addictions professionals. The facility’s infrastructure has intentionally been designed with the multifaceted nature of clients’ recovery needs in mind. This approach provides space for supports and services to work in a collaborative way centering on the individual client’s recovery goals.

“Having other mental health and addictions professionals interested in our care model is exciting because it continues the dialogue of mental health and addictions care. We know that a collaborative approach provides our clients with the most comprehensive support. This is just one of the ways we continue to better ourselves and care we can provide.” shared Amy Bowins, Manager of Wellness & Recovery Centre – Mental Health and Addictions.

Brightshores is eager to continue fostering collaboration and sharing our model of care with fellow healthcare organizations. We are building healthier communities, one patient at a time.