Brightshores Health System is pleased to share our annual Balanced Scorecard. The Scorecard is not only a means of communicating and demonstrating the quality of care provided at our hospital and our plans to improve healthcare experiences, but also an indication of our commitment to accountability and transparency to our community, patients and staff.

The Brightshores Board of Directors review the corporate Balanced Scorecard on an annual basis:

  1. To monitor progress on our Strategic Plan.
  2. To ensure that our efforts to improve the quality of care as outlined in our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) are truly resulting in better and safer care.
  3. To comply with Local Health Integration Network and Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requirements for publicly reported patient safety measures as a condition of receiving funding for the care and services we deliver.

You will see from our Balanced Scorecard that we have set targets for achieving our goals in four areas: Goals for our People, Patients, and Partners, as well as our Enabling Indicators.

The Balanced Scorecard is updated on a quarterly basis so that our Board of Directors, staff, patients and community partners know where we stand on meeting our targets at any given time. This tool helps us measure where we are, and where we need to get to, and helps us celebrate and learn from our experiences along the way.  Each performance indicator is defined and goals (targets) are set for each measurement.  These are described on the subsequent pages within the Scorecard.  Our colour-coding system demonstrates whether we are on target (green), slightly below target (yellow) or below target (red).

If you have any questions about the Scorecard, please email us.