Quality Health Care – With Your Help

Brightshores Health System is supported by Five Foundations which raise funds for our hospitals.

At Brightshores, lives are changed each and every day. Our dedicated caregivers treat illness and injury, provide comfort and support and indeed, save lives.

This happens only with the support of our community. Many believe that governments fund health care completely. The reality is that government provides very little funding for diagnostic and medical equipment, or other hospital improvements. We simply could not do what we do without your financial support through our five charitable foundations.

Every donation – no matter how large or small – helps us provide quality health care to those we serve. If you aren’t already part of our family of supporters, we invite you to join us.

Support Report

View this summer’s Support Report for the Five Foundations.

Learn more about how your support helps and how to donate today by visiting the Five Foundations online by clicking any of the links below (links will open in a new window).


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