There can be little doubt the happiest spot in Brightshores is the weekly Obstetrics Clinic.

Each Tuesday, dozens of women who are at least 28 weeks pregnant parade through the doors of Unit 8-2, where they are weighed and examined by one of the five OB/GYN doctors who will be delivering their baby. Why so much sunshine in one unit?

“Everybody loves a new baby,” said administrative support staffer Georgine Stewart-Malone. “Everybody loves a new baby. It gives hope for the future when there’s new life. With all the negative things going on in the world, it’s nice to know some things won’t change and people will always have babies.”

Over 700 babies are delivered every year at the Owen Sound hospital, and Georgine said it makes sense to have the patients come in on the same day each week for their checkup. Some patients come from the far reaches of Grey-Bruce, so the hospital tries to schedule everything for the patient on the same day as the clinic, she added.

“It’s one-stop shopping. Come for your blood work, come for your ultrasound, see the doctor. If you have to go up to labour and delivery, that’s here too… Having it all in one location, everyone knows where to phone on a Tuesday.”

Patients get to know each other while they’re waiting in the clinic week after week, and in some cases build friendships.  “You hear them discussing little tips, talking about when they’re due and so forth”, said Georgine. “We’re very loud back here.  The whole place is loud.” But it’s a happy loud.

“It looks chaotic but it’s organized chaos. Everyone who comes here is happy.”

Obstetrics Clinic Staff

Photo (L to R): Rebecca Burdan, Kim Jones, Melissa Hutchinson, Georgine Stewart-Malone