The Rehabilitation Unit is one of the most unique units at Brightshores—not only because patients stay anywhere from two to eight weeks, but because the unit also addresses the patient’s entire well-being.

From therapy dogs to spiritual care visits, from physiotherapy to occupational therapy to social work assistance, “we have many types of support available here to address the whole person and their complete recovery,” said Kerry Cragg, RN and care coordinator with the South West Local Health Integration Network.

Patients may have suffered a stroke, have been in a car crash, had a knee or hip replaced, or suffer from a chronic disease like Multiple Sclerosis. They spend their days moving from therapist to therapist in a program tailored to their needs. There is a strong element of community and togetherness, patients dine together and encourage each other in their recovery.  Lasting friendships are often made.

“The patients may not have the same health issues, but they can benefit from seeing other people who have challenges and have figured out ways to work through them,” Kerry said.  Care has evolved over the decades, and Kerry said science is the reason.

“There’s science behind what we’re doing… evidence shows that if you get patients moving, whether they’re in a wheelchair or a walker or just sitting up in bed if that’s all they can do—it helps their bodies, their brains, their mental health. It helps them heal.”

“People do make gains here…I use the word miracles. People make changes, they figure things out while they’re here. That’s really rewarding.”

Rehabilitation Team group photo
Photo (L to R) Back:
Greg Ott, Kerry Cragg, Deb Schnurr, Dr. Jennifer Barthel, Nancy Alleyne, Linda Mailhot-Hall, Lindsay See, Brandy Oldham, Michelle Moreau, Front: Emma Gard, Donna Boyd, Jen Ames, Jeanne MacLennan, Kim Murphy, Heather Harvey, Stephanie Barker

Absent: Lisa Cyr, Barb Stanley, Katie Gillespie, Leah Kirkland, Melanie Ryerson, Jennifer Hillier, Babita Baby, Amy Bridge, LeeAnn Brown, Tannille Robertson, Nancy Marquis, Kim Finch, Greg Reinelt, Leanne Renfrew, Tim Matthews, Paige Lumley, Sheena Conroy, Teresa Martin, Tammy Robinson, Kathy Bonte, Diana Williamson, Sharon Morrissey, Jenna Underwood